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Mobile Ropes Course

The mobile has a rock climbing wall with five different level routes. On the other side of the mobile are four stations that include cargo net, jacob's ladder, single rope, firecracker ladder and circus ladder. All for "Challenge by Choice".

The mobile has outdoor speakers and an outside bathroom. Inside is a fully equipped classroom/conference room with a/c and heat and an additional bathroom.

Using our Positive Change Mobile Ropes Course and High Tech classroom/conference room, we can provide Leadership and Team Building with experiential and academic learning directly to your school, business, or event in the Lakeland area. Our adventure program uses a unique Leadership curriculum to promote grit, perserverance, and tenacity with adventure packed experiential activities using high and low climbing elements taught by Certified Leadership Facilitators and volunteers for promoting academic success. Great for birthday parties too!

mobile trailer

Rock Climbing Wall Other Climbing Stations  
Other climbing stations more to the top  
climing wall up close birthday party  

Inside classroom

classroom 1 classroom 2 classroom 5
classroom 6 classroom 7 classroom 8

The mobile is equipped with an inside and outside bathroom.

inside bathroom

"The Positive Change Mobile Ropes Course with High Tech Classroom/Conference Room" being built.

Logo LT Portable Ropes Course  
Panels Up classroom  

Fundraising Committee Needed:

If you are interested in joining our fundraising committee to help raise money to complete this project, please e-mail: eab0720@aol.com.

Volunteers Needed:

If you are interested in volunteering as a reading coach or an assistant leadership facilitator to assist with the climbing part, please e-mail eab0720@aol.com.