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For your next birthday party

Are you ready for something new, interactive and most of all FUN for a really cool birthday party for your son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc?

Rent our mobile climbing wall with 4 other separate climbing stations that can come to your home. We will provided a fully certified trained interactive team of people to keep you safe in a professional fun setting. All ages enjoy partying on our 22 foot climbing wall with different level route challenges and interactive games. Our mobile is equipped with two bathrooms and an inside a/c room.

The kids will learn how to put on a harness

birthday girls


Kids will learn how to belay

belay on

Climbing Wall with different level paths to follow

climbing wall

Some will fall off the climbing wall

falling off

Some will make it to the top

to the top

Other side of climbing wall are 4 other stations

two stations

3 of 4 stations

Someone made to the top of jacob's ladder

jacobs ladder

All Stations being utilized

all stations

Second Birthday Party in Winter Haven

meet gracie justin and gracie
youngest climber moms
youngest ali
whowants to climb top
mom helps