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Welcome to The Westgate FALLS Adventure after shool program on Fridays from 4-6PM and Saturdays from 9:00-11:00 AM located at the Zion Hope Baptist Church at 504 Plateau Avenue, Lakeland, FL

On Fridays, The FALLS Adventure trains FITs (Facilitators in Training) while younger kids are inside with Shirley Pickett, President of the Westgate Neighborhood and various volunteers having fun with reading and playing games. FITs are middle schoolers and high schoolers who live in the neighborhood who are learning to be mentors for the younger neighborhood kids. The FITs learn certain life skills and character development such as communication, personal accountability, giving and receiving feedback, trust building, conflict resolution, cooperation and setting group and individual goals. On Saturdays, the FITs help climb the younger kids for fun.

Meet some of the neighborhood kids

meet the kids

Meet Roxy, Leadership Facilitator from The FALLS Adventure and
Shirley Pickett, President of the Westgate Neighborhood

Roxy and Shirley

Meet Sylvia, a volunteer from Heaven My Home Baptist Church bringing kids for their first Friday Session


Eye to eye contact and firm handshake when you meet Mr. Jock, Master Leadership Facilitator
and Founder of The FALLS Adventure, Inc.

Firm hand shake

FITs (Facilitators in Training) participating in an icebreaker

Time to process

Hot peanut butter initiative with Roxy, Leaership Facilitator

hot peanut

FITs learning how to belay


Climbing for the first time at Westgate


City Commisioner comes for a visit

city commissioner

Dr. Kessell from Blake Academy visits Westgate Neighborhood

Dr. k

USF's Dr. Greer visits Westgate FALLS Adventure with his class on Saturday, February 23, 2013