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The Christian FALLS Adventure

The Christian FALLS Adventure is a Christ centered, hands on approach to leadership training for Church Boards, Youth Groups, Staff and Families.

To Print Brochures Click here Christian Workshop Brochure

The Christian FALLS Adventure will serve as a Barnabus to encourage and coach your youth (and/or adults) to improve their walk in a fun, hands-on way. The High Ropes learning activities are biblically referenced and provide appropriate challenges and opportunities for the Holy Spirit to act.

Group size up to 250. We can provide meals or you can bring your own. Activities run from less than a half day to a full day or more. If you choose, we can come to your church for a "warm-up" session which will allow your experience on the ropes course to be more rewarding. All participants choose their own level of participation. At Christian FALLS, even the most sedentary Christian will be able to use his/her gifts to serve the felt needs of others.


Christ-like skills in a secular world
Forgiving and seeking forgiveness
Setting appropriate boundaries
Unifying the Body of Christ
Practicing Matthew 18

The Christian FALLS...Where spiritual growth is an Adventure. Improve your walk with Christ......Shine his Light........Lead by HIS example

Affirming Honoring parents Living by the Golden
Unifying the Body through Consensus
Repairing Relationships by forgiving
Giving and Receiving Feedback (Matthew 18)
Not exasperating children





Family Encounters:

Biblical based....Spirit driven! Unify your family and have fun at the same time. Come to The Christian FALLS Adventure for a family tune-up. Or perhaps you have a "soon-to-be" prodigal son or daughter who has difficulty with submission? We have a Christ-centered solution that works in today's secular world.

Come with several families and have a great time!

LOVE is an action....

Take action to love Jesus Christ

Being Personally Accountable - Making sure your actions and The Word always match, the way Jesus did and does makes you trustworthy.

Being Trustworthy allows you to be trusted by others.

When you are Trusted by others, you are allowed to share the message of Christ with others and to give and receive feedback as a gift (Matthew 18).

Giving and Receiving Feedback - holds you accountable (accountability groups) by helping with you discern God's will for your life.

Discerning God's Will allows you to make better choices and solve problems.

Making BETTER CHOICES results in your turning towards God - that's repentance.

REPENTANCE helps you to be more like our Savior Jesus Christ and to experience God.

Church staff development is an Adventure!

Improve team performance.....and Christ like skills...............In these important areas:

Communication Decision Making Personal Accountability
Giving & Receiving Feedback Resolving Conflict Building Trust
Goals Problem Solving Serving your customers
  The Mind of Christ  





Board Retreats and Staff Workshops

High performance, team training from a Christ-centered perspective.

Direct ..............................To the point .....................Guaranteed effective

Come to The Christian FALLS Adventure (half day, full day or overnight) or we will come to your location. Includes pre-assessment and follow-up.

Combine with another Church......Learn from the Body

To book your workshop, call today @ (863) 521-4164 or e-mail @ fallsadventure@aol.com