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News & Bulletins

Community Service Project Event for Teen Trendsetter's Reading Mentors on Saturday, April 27th at Zion Hope Baptist Church.

Blake Academy's 1st and 2nd graders and Kathleen High School mentors visited the Westgate neighborhood for reading, climbing, presentation on "The Importance of Reading" to the parents and a barbeque.

setting up teamwork climbing volunteers
climbing spiderman teamwork
volunteers rope handlers more climbing
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February and April 2013

USF's Professor Greek and his Qualitative Inquiry Class observed the Saturday Westgate Neighborhood program at Zion Hope Baptist Church.



January 2013

The FALLS Adventure, Inc. is proud to sponsor Lakeland Lacrosse. Laxlogo


Lakeland Lacrosse Core Values

Positive Coaching - All of our coaches subscribe to the concept of positive coaching. We affirm that our coaches will never scream at, demean, or verbally abuse our players. We focus our instruction through positive reinforcement and strive to build confidence in our all our players, regardless of age or skill level.

Honor the Game - The sport of lacrosse has a history rooted in sportsmanship. Our goal is to instill the values associated with this tradition in all players that we have the pleasure of coaching.

Have Fun - We want every player to enjoy their experience with the sport of lacrosse. We are competitive but also want to make sure that our players, families, and supporters all enjoy their time with Lakeland Lacrosse.

The FALLS Adventure, Westgate Neighborhood Association and Zion Hope Baptist Church has partnered together to provide a free Friday afterschool and Saturday morning program of adventure-based leadership training, academic enhancements and character development for all ages for the Westgate neighborhood kids.

Fridays 4:00-6:00 PM located at Zion Hope Baptist Church on Plateau Avenue
and Saturdays 9:00-11:00 AM

The Westgate FALLS Adventure Program is an adventure-based leadership training, academic enhancement program for at risk youth of all ages.

The Westgate FALLS Adventure adventure-based leadership training experience will train middle schoolers and high schoolers to be FITs (Facilitators in Training) using our Mobile Ropes Course.  This youth program provides at risk teenagers with an after school alternative to help connect to God, be in a positive peer group and a challenging adventured-based leadership training and academic enhancement. All these elements are necessary to help at risk youth to become academically accomplished, be sucessful as leader in their school, families and communities.

Our goal is to help at risk youth in the Westgate neighborhood to break the cycle of poverty, transcend cycles of limited opportunity and develop into morally grounded, academically accomplished leaders of tomorrow.


Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers become FITs (Facilitator's In Training) for the younger neighborhood kids.

Every Wednesdays, at Blake Academy, The FALLS Adventure provides team building/leadership adventure-based experiential learning at the Trendsetter's after school program.

Each Wednesday after school, The Blake Academy 2nd and 3rd graders who need help in reading meets with his/her Kathleen High School/ROTC mentor for a 45 minute reading session. After the reading session, the 2nd and 3rd graders are provided with free adventure-based leadership training provided by The FALLS Adventure's Leadership Facilitator, Roxy Leary, and Blake Academy's middle school teacher, Mr. Howard Canning.



Upcoming Events

Saturday, March 9th

Lakeland Lacrosse Jamboree Day

Located at: Cypress Youth Sport Complex
2125 S. Edgewood Drive
Lakeland, FL

On Saturday we have a mini-lacrosse jamboree in Lakeland. So far 26 teams have signed up! This will be a massive lacrosse outing for Lakeland.


Saturday, April 27th

Community Service Day for Trendsetter's and The Westgate FALLS Adventure from 9:00-1:00 PM at Zion Hope Baptist Church, 504 Plateau Avenue, Lakeland, FL

This will be an opportunity for the Blake Academy's 2nd and 3rd graders come to the Westgate neighborhood and read to the neighborhood kids and pass out books.

Guest speaker will address the parents on "The importance of Reading to your Child".

Free lunch will be provided.





December 2011

Harvard MBA Student Visits The FALLS Adventure!

Harvard Student belays Cargo

October 2011-December 2011

The High Performance and Positive Change Initiative after school program provided by The FALLS Adventure joined Trendsetters, another after school program, that provides mentors from the IB program who work with 15 Blake Academy 3rd graders. After the the kids read with his/her mentor, the Blake students are provided with character development and team building with experiential learning through climbing facilitated by our FITs (Facilitators in Training) and Leadership Facilitators.


Mentor and Mentee Mentees Ali and Kids

Jimmie Climbing Teamwork

August 2011

"The IB Leadership Training session was the perfect way to kick-start our service learning project, a mentoring program between IB and Blake Academy students. Not only was it fun and engaging, but at the same time we evaluated our habit choices, learned important values, set group goals, and implemented the positive change learning process - skills and activities that will benefit us throughout the project and our daily lives."

Bianca Mulaney
Co-founder and President, IBlake Service Learning Project
Bartow High School/International Baccalaureate Class of 2012

Photos of Teachers' Training Camp facilitated by Jock R. Willers


Traviss Career Center's "Fill your bucket" Workshop on August 18, 2008

Traviss Career Center


Family Day at Blake Academy

Belayers at Blake

JR Belaying

Made it to the top

Made it to the top